Published by Faber and Faber: 7 September, 2023

Hail all committee, muses et cetera, Council must

take arms against the dulce et decorum of conflicts,

to blot onwards in pure English or rage for indioms.

A cast of ‘Indic-heritage poets’ meet to perform their poems and discuss the future of poetry. indiom is a riotously inventive hybrid work that engages eclectic, often Rabelaisian styles on subjects as various as the Indian poet Nissim Ezekiel, Shakespearean comedy and Under Milk Wood alongside The Simpsons, Star Trek and Newcastle United.

Daljit Nagra’s mock epic scrutinises the legacies of Empire and issues such as power and status, casteism and colourism, mimicry and mockery. What is Britishness now? What is the future of the English language? How can humour help us to survive hardship?

The result is an endlessly capacious talkie/poem/play of resistance and redress whose ludic structures defy boundaries as it develops into a story of intertextual and misplaced identities, gods and miracles, celluloid tragedy and blushing romantic desire amid an awkwardly rolling cricket ball and rioting poodles.