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Daljit Nagra: Tippoo Sultan's Incredible White Man Eating Tiger Toy Machine!!!
Biography: it was possible to write about ĎAsiansí and be successful in poetry
Downloads...BBC programmes presented by Daljit Nagra
Books: Tippoo Sultan's Incredible White-Man-Eating Tiger Toy-Machine!!!
Videos: Watch Daljit Nagra read for National Poetry Day and Oxfam!
Reviews: The Guardian, The Observer, The New Statesman, BBC Newsnight Review, London Review of Books
Awards: Winner of the South Bank Show Decibel Prize!
Gallery: Seamus Heaney, Jo Shapcott, WN Herbert, Gerry Wardle, Ruth Padel, Paul Muldoon, Wendy Cope, Alice Oswald
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Poem: from The Balcony Song of Raju & Jaswinder
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